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Sat 6/17 Margate or Broadstairs
Birchington: Saturday

Methodist Church Hall, The Square

Start time: 19.45
Open: 'Open' mtgs on request.

Ramsgate: Feelings: Saturday

Newington Community Centre, Princess Margaret Avenue
CT12 6HX

Start time: 10.00
Open: All mtgs 'open'.
Disabled Access: $ = Full wheelchair access.

Wed 6/21 Kenmare?

Thurs. 6/22 Inverness
Inverness Friars St: Thursday

Church of God Hall, Friars St ,

Start time: 12.30
Disabled Access: Full wheelchair access.

Mon. 6/26 Zurich

Thurs. 6/29 Paris

English-language meetings are held at the following venues:

Arr Venue Address and contact number
07 American Church At: 65 Quai d'Orsay, 75007. Metro: Invalides/Alma Marceau
Tel: 01 46 34 59 65

07 Centre Inter 7 At: 105 rue Saint Dominique, 75007. Metro: Invalides La Tour Maubourg
08 American Cathedral At: 23 avenue Georges V, 75008. Metro: George V/Alma Marceau
Tel: 01 46 34 59 65

08 Scot's Kirk At: 17 rue Bayard, 75008. Metro: Alma Marceau/Franklin Roosevelt
Tel: 01 46 34 59 65

06 Eglise réformée At: 58 rue Madame, 75006. Metro: St-Paul
Tel: 01 46 34 59 65

16 St Georges Anglican Church At: 7 rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75016
Tel: 01 46 34 59 65

03 Maison des Associations At: 5 rue Perree, 75003. Metro: Temple, République, Filles de Calvaire
03 Salle Verte At: 2 bis rue Elzévir, 75003. Metro: St-Paul
Tel: 01 46 34 59 65

Centre St. Leger At: 2 bis, rue St-Leger, Saint-Germain-en-Laye


Day of WeekTime of DayMeeting NameVenueDirectionsComments
Thursday08:00:00AWOLSt. GeorgeDirectionsNo pets
Thursday12:00:00Keep it SimpleAmerican CathedralDirections 
Thursday17:00:00We Are Not Saints 12/12Eglise Reformee de Paris LuxembourgDirections 
Thursday19:00:00Live and Let Live Gay GroupSaint Paul Church Annexe - 5 Passage St Paul (43-45 rue St Paul) 75004 Paris-(Esc B 1st Floor)DirectionsNo Pets
Thursday19:15:00Newcomers to AASt. GeorgeDirections 


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Thursday 06/15/17 home PDX? SEA airport
Friday 06/16/17 plane? London? Margate
Saturday 06/17/17 Sands hotel Margate Margate
Sunday 06/18/17 Sands hotel Margate Margate
Monday 06/19/17 Sands hotel Train? LTN airport?
Tuesday 06/20/17 Aia’s Aia’s Kenmare
Wednesday 06/21/17 Aia’s Aia’s London
Thursday 06/22/17 Leaside hotel Scotland Inverness
Friday 06/23/17 MacDonald Inverness Inverness
Saturday 06/24/17 MacDonald LHR layover Zurich
Sunday 06/25/17 Zurich Zurich Zurich
Monday 06/26/17 David’s Fribourg? Fribourg
Tuesday 06/27/17 Hotel Victoria Bullet Grand Rasses
Wednesday 06/28/17 Grand Rasses driving Paris
Thursday 06/29/17 Hidden Hotel Louvre Calife cruise
Friday 06/30/17 Hidden Hotel LHR plane plane?


Personal Year 1

Life seems to be beginning anew. Now is the time to put your best foot forward; to take up a hobby or other activity that will freshen your thinking and broaden your general activities; to look ahead.

This is an active year with many decisions to make. Your affairs are making a new start. The following eight years' experience will depend a great deal on what you do and don't do this year.

Your decisions and actions call for strength of purpose, clear thinking, and listening to your inner voice.

Make yourself stronger and give yourself more clarity by noting every accomplishment, small and large, in a journal. An accomplishment is an accomplishment and deserves acknowledgement. Review the journal occasionally to get a sense of where you are heading and give yourself an opportunity to change direction if you so desire.

The numerology personal year number 1 can be a fresh start for things.