Sunday, February 17, 2013

yeah, whatever, jane

I have a lot of other blogs on here.  Usually they have a topic and they aren't very well written, etc.  This one is just a journal.

At the beginning of this year, I wanted to climb out of my seasonal depression, so I started journaling on paper.  It lasted a few weeks.  I sometimes go back to it.  But it really helped because it was a place to validate myself.  It was a place to sort through the muck that was narrow focused, due to depression. 

This week I took a nose dive.  One other thing I should pay attention to is PMS.  I was going to keep track better this year.  But anyway, I had invited some other therapists out to lunch, but when the day came, I didn't want to go.  It took me forever to find an outfit I could live with.  I fell into a shame pit.  I haven't crawled back out yet.

Plus of course, last Thurs. was Valentine's Day.  I got my panties in a wad about that too.  We are having some trouble, like all couples do.  We do RCA off and on and we've gone to couples' therapy before.  These trouble are not huge or insurmountable.  I'm just depressed about them.

When I'm not right with me, I'm not right with anyone.

My puter just ate a paragraph.  I was writing about why am I doing the OA HOW meeting?  I guess I need to promote it.  But the other thing is on my own it won't succeed, but I got the feeling that God has a plan for it.



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