Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I am having a hard time getting out of bed and motivated.  I have been having trouble with laziness and lethargy, as a result of past depression that is still lingering.  I am anxious about work.  I have a new case with some conflicts I'm not happy about.

One of the most draining thing about my job is dealing with people's personalities.

I can definitely tell it's a full moon tomorrow.  I really did not want to go to work.  I was feeling fear.  The issues I was afraid about turned out fine.  But I also watched an emotional video that triggered an issue of having to do things perfectly that made me sad all day.

Then I had this consultation.  It made me very excited, but probably overstimulated.

Then I got a letter from Regence wanting $875 back.  I'm in total lizard brain.


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