Sunday, April 21, 2013

Taking Stock

So today, nobody showed for the 11th step mtg., and we're probably going to cancel it.  I decided to write someone local to try to help me with stepwork.

  1. I was trying to get hold of a woman from a phone mtg., but I just couldn't handle it.  I don't like playing phone tag.  AFRAID: Mostly I was afraid of rejection and risk.  I also didn't like that the woman wouldn't take my prompts so that we could schedule a time or email.  Also, I wouldn't leave my phone on. That is a whole 'nother issue.

q       Wanting things my way
q       Wanting others to meet my needs– dependence
q       Wanting to control–dominate
q       Thinking I'm better–grandiosity
q       Reacting from self loathing, self righteousness
q       Too concerned about me
q       Wanting to look good or be liked
q       Concerned only with my needs

q       Not seeing or admitting where I was at fault
q       Having a superior attitude–thinking I'm better
q       Blaming others for my problems
q       Not expressing feelings or ideas
q       Stubbornly holding on to inaccurate beliefs
q       Lying to myself
q       Expecting others to be what they are not
q       Being perfectionistic

q       Manipulating others to do my will
q       Engaging in character assassination
q       Ignoring others’ needs
q       Trying to control others
q       Holding a resentment

Frightened (of)
q       Peoples' opinions
q       Rejection, abandonment
q       Loneliness
q       Not being able to control or change someone
q       My inferiority, inadequacy
q       Criticism
q       Expressing ideas or feelings
q       Exposure, embarrassment


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