Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Oh Illustrious Tara,
please be aware of me,
remove my obstacles,
and grant my excellent aspirations!

Wow, my head hurts.  Better take that Benedryl that DH advised.  It is taking me forever to get writing this post.  I had to fix the layout of the blog.  Not for anyone, because I have no readers, but for myself.  My last few posts have been only a sentence or two.  I can't seem to get started here. I can't seem to really focus anywhere. It doesn't help that allergy season is upon us once again.

My period started 4/1. Need to figure out next PMS.

I'm feeling really frustrated.  I don't like my work right now.  I don't like having to come down for just a few clients and having long stretches in between.


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