Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Element One: The Anti-Candida Diet

The Candida diet can be fairly restrictive at first, especially if you choose to start your treatment with a cleanse. However, it's a very healthy, low-sugar diet plan that is going to help you beat your Candida overgrowth. The main items that you need to avoid are fruits, starchy vegetables and all added sugar.  

Element Two: Probiotics

What are probiotics? Very simply, they are beneficial bacteria that live in your gut. When you are suffering from a Candida overgrowth, the microorganisms in your gut are thrown out of balance. Adding a good source of probiotics to your diet (either in a commercial supplement or through probiotic foods) will repopulate your gut with these helpful organisms.

Element Three: Antifungals

Last but not least are antifungals. You need to take these because the diet and probiotics alone will not be enough to beat your Candida overgrowth. Most antifungals work the same way - by disrupting the cell walls of the Candida cells. But not all antifungals are created equal, so in a later email I'm going to explain why natural antifungals can often work better (and have fewer side effects) than prescription antifungals.

So What's Next?

Before you start your Candida Diet, here are three things to start thinking about as you prepare:
- Find Some Good Supplements
Probiotics are an essential part of the Candida Diet, so it's important to buy a good quality brand. Find one with a high count of bacteria and lots of different strains. Shelf-stable brands are great too because they don't need refrigeration. I'll discuss this more in a later email.
Taking a good antifungal will also improve your chances of beating your Candida overgrowth. There are lots of natural antifungals to choose from, so I'll tell you how to choose the most effective ones to look for.  e.g. PB8 and  Candida Cleanse
- Start changing your diet
Don't make things harder than they need to be. Plunging right into your Candida treatment can be a recipe for disaster if you've been eating a really unhealthy diet up until now. Before you start, you should try to reduce your consumption of junk food, processed food, added sugar and caffeine. Trust me, it will make things a lot easier when you start your Candida treatment!
- Make A Plan
Take a few days to figure out the foods and supplements that you're going to need during your Candida treatment. I'll be sending emails with lots more information over the next days. Read them all carefully, follow the advice and get yourself really well prepared for the first stage of your treatment. 

You should also consider when you are going to start the program. Setting aside a block of time when you have no outside-of-work commitments is a great idea, just to keep temptation to a minimum and give you the best chance of beating your Candida for good.
If you would like a more structured Candida program, my Ultimate Candida Diet program offers a 5-step plan for beating Candida within 60 days.


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