Monday, November 4, 2013


Cindy, Brandi, Sam, Amanda, Brenda, Sharon, Angie, Polly
Avie, Carol, Karon, Tracie, Kelly, Leah, Mary P, Mary B, Kirsten

I have been brewing an idea for a women's group.  There are several topics I'd like to offer, or a combination.  Essentially, I want it to be an eclectic women's spirituality group, utilizing the power of the women's circle.  That might include mystical development through meditation and prayer, as per the 11th step.  It also might include any number of integrative psychological and spiritual elements (the feminine divine, astrology, tarot, Reiki, art therapy projects, A Course in Miracles, mindfulness, psychological personality/temperament theories, feng shui and expression through color and fashion).

there's a full moon sun. nov. 17th :)

and of course in Dec. there's winter solstice, sat. dec. 21

both might be good dates to meet 

keep those dates in mind :)


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