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Belline Oracle - Career Draw

Your draw

Position No.1: Discovery
Position No.2: Amor
Position No.3: Pleasures
Position No.4: Betrayal
Position No.5: Theft-Loss





Here is the interpretation of the cards your have drawn, Jane. It will certainly answer the question you have been wondering about and it will provide you with valuable clarifications. Carefully read the texts while taking into account the position of each card as indicated. Also look at the images depicted because they are often revealing and offer useful precisions.
The card in the 1st position represents you. It describes your mind frame, at the moment when you asked the question, as well as your personal assets in the area you are currently focusing on.


An owl, a parchment and a few books are laid on the ground, at the foot of an astronomical telescope directed towards a star. The owl, an animal which can see at night, the books and the parchment, symbolize knowledge, whereas the telescope evokes the search that all of us do in different areas throughout our lifetime, since the answers to our questions are sometimes hidden in the most remote depths of our our selves.
With Discovery, in the next few days, you will show a lot of intuition in your professional life. Exchanges will be favoured and allow you to understand other people better. You will be inventive, imaginative and intelligent, which will help you gain awareness of quite a few problems or behaviours that were harming relationships forged in the framework of your profession. As a result, your exchanges will grow more serene. In addition, you will develop a less superficial knowledge of other people and, most probably, a deeper wisdom.
The card in the 2nd position tells you what will help or thwart your action, as well as the positive or negative events that will be an asset or a handicap for finding the right solution and solving your problem.


Several love symbols are depicted: with its wings widely spread, a dove holds a wreath of flowers on which two red hearts are hung. Small flames growing from the hearts refer again to love. Here, we find the same red and green garland as in card 27, Union, with the difference that the furnace is replaced by two small flames, so as to underline that the passionate love in the beginning of a relationship has developed into a more serene and sweeter feeling.
With Amor, linked to Venus, your professional life appears under the best omens. You tackle your work with much enthusiasm, good mood and self-confidence, which will probably result in a fulfilling and enriching professional evolution. You will operate in an environment where amity and benevolence prevail, to your greatest pleasure. You may also have a happy encounter in your workplace, or you may decide to work in association with your love partner, who knows...
The card in the 3rd position indicates how the situation will develop and the path that should ideally be followed.


A blue and gold lyre with five strings. The lyre refers to Orpheus who charmed nature, God and human beings in order to free his wife from the Underworld. Symbol of cosmic harmony, the lyre was invented by Mercury who later offered it to Apollo, god of light. In numerous antique legends, the lyre was used to save the life of heroes. It is the muses' instrument, and as such, it suggests rapture and seduction.
With Pleasures, the first card of the series of seven cards associated with Venus, you will enjoy very nice moments in the professional area during the next few days. You will not deny yourself a good thing and you will be right to do so. As a result, your exchanges with your entourage will be more harmonious, and you will have the pleasant feeling that you are blending work with pleasure. Thus, you will realize, perhaps with astonishment, that they are not incompatible and that your work efficiency is not decreased, on the contrary...
The card in the 4th position describes the general trend and the probable answer to your question.


The first card of a new series of seven cards, under the influence of the Moon, starts with the animal kingdom and the image of a very aggressive-looking cat, with its claws out and its bulging eyes, ready to attack. Its appearance contradicts what one expects to see, since the cat is usually thought to be a sweet and secretive pet that keeps us company. This apparent opposition is meant to make us understand that we must try to control our impulses even though we all have in ourselves negative forces that are not always easy to fight.
Treachery, akin to the Moon, warns that you need to be careful in the next few days. Distrust is compulsory when you take any action. You must beware of foolishness, as it may prove damaging. Don't embark on any new project, unless you are certain that there is no risk and that the person whom you trust deserves it. At the moment, you are probably feeling tired, uncomfortable and lacking self-confidence... so, wait for a while before you take any action. However, if you have also drawn excellent cards, the effects of Treachery will be considerably lessened.
The card in the 5th position is the synthesis of the draw. It refutes or confirms the general trend of the draw and particularly, the answer. If you were hesitating on the interpretation of a card, blend it with this 5th card to get more precise indications.


Theft-Loss, under Mercury's influence, warns against a short yet difficult period for your career. It is not the right time to undertake new initiatives because you may be deceived later on, and realize that you have granted your confidence too quickly, or that you have been manipulated and taken advantage of. The period is not favourable for starting a new activity, requesting a promotion or launching a new project. Therefore, it is better to cautiously wait for a while before taking any decision in this regard. However, if you have also drawn very good cards, they will significantly lessen the influences of Theft-Loss.

Here is in brief the answer to your question, Jane

Card drawn in the first position: Discovery

You are very intuitive at the moment, Jane, and it is a good thing because your awareness is very helpful.

Card drawn in the second position: Amor

You will meet no unexpected hurdles in your way because Venus protects you and looks after you.

Card drawn in the third position: Pleasures

The period that is offered to you is marked by shared pleasures and pleasant moments. Therefore, don't miss this opportunity.

Card drawn in the fourth position: Betrayal

The answer of the oracle does not bode well, Jane. Be cautious and vigilant during the next few days, and do not trust people too rapidly...

Card drawn in the fifth position: Theft-Loss

You are heading towards quite a difficult period. You may be manipulated, even be taken advantage of, Jane. Cautiousness and vigilance are compulsory!


We hope that this report will have brought you full satisfaction, Jane. The Belline Oracle often offers stunning accurate answers: we invite you to regularly redo draws while concentrating as much as you can on the area you have chosen!
Once your interpretation is done, you can get a deeper understanding of the cards' meaning if you consider the colours of the images, i.e. the drawing as well as the planetary symbol on the top right side of the card. This is not indispensable for a correct reading of the deck, but it can offer you additional helpful information if you want to go further, or whenever you have a doubt about the meaning of a card.
Blue is akin to femininity, receptivity, peace, mediation, spirituality, and creativity.
Dark blue, frequently used in the Oracle, reinforces the idea of the subterranean world and all things hidden, as well as the unconscious and imagination.
Red suggests action, violence and aggressiveness, instinct, and in general, all things related to masculinity.
Pink is linked with youth, gentleness and naivety.
Purple evokes temperance and, like blue, it is tightly connected with spirituality.
Yellow is also masculine and is akin to joy, light, and consciousness.
Gold symbolizes purity.
White represents neutrality and purity.
Green, obviously the colour of hope, is linked with regeneration, spring, and more generally, with life.



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