Sunday, April 20, 2014

Certified Forensic Social Worker (CFSW)

Course DescriptionThis comprehensive certification course targets the important and emerging practice area of forensic social work in diverse practice settings. This course provides a broad view of forensic social work to include the knowledge and skills required to practice effectively with clients in the socio-legal environment.
"Forensic Social Work" includes not only victims and offenders involved in the adult and juvenile criminal justice system but also includes individuals and families that become involved with family and social services, child welfare, education, addictions programs and mental health systems.
This course covers:
  • Forensic practice in juvenile and adult criminal justice
  • Forensic practice in mental health
  • Forensic practice in substance abuse treatment settings
  • Forensic practice in child welfare
  • Forensic practice in education
  • Diversity, human rights, and immigration
  • Forensic practice in family and social services
  • Forensic interviewing for child sexual abuse
  • and much more
Tuition: *Tuition must accompany the application and includes the first-year certification fee, required course materials, and examination fee.
Full Fee: $775.00
Payment Plan:
$387.50 Upon Registration of Course
$387.50 Upon Completion of Course 
* No refunds will be issued once course is purchased.


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