Sunday, June 8, 2014

Archangel Report

Yes we have something to say.
Dear Child of God,
First off please know you are loved. Always have been, always will be. What a tough childhood you had, sweet one. To feel so different. To feel so much. You did not know how to handle your abilities. And you still do not. Food has been a sense of comfort for you, as well as punishment. For you feel unworthy of love, to be loved. Even to love yourself. If you could see yourself as we you, you would laugh and smile from joy. To give so much to others, strangers, loved ones, animals. But never to yourself sweet one. It is time to give to yourself. Spend time on yourself, with yourself. Meditation would be great for you. We know you have tried it before, and are skeptical. However, please take note meditation does not have to be bells and whistles. A walk alone in nature. A bath. A nap. To BE with yourself. That is the true essence of meditation. You dedicate so much time and thought in discovering yourself, and others, that you are actually running away from yourself. Stop. Rest. Pause. Smell the roses. Plant some roses, and vegetable. Get your hands in dirt, this will soothe you. Your grandmother wishes to come forward. “My sweet dove. How I miss you. My gentle flower, how you have blossomed. I am so proud of you. I am sorry for your Mother. She really meant well. She just could not understand/tolerate a gifted child. And you were left alone so often. Please know Grandpa/Grandpop and I were always with you. Looking over you. Celebrating with you. I know your father has really hurt you. All of us. Please try to forgive honey, so your light can brighten. Tell the “kids” I love them, and miss them. At Christmas, light a candle for me. I always liked that.”

Dear beloved, we are your Guardian Angels and are very excited to connect with you. We whisper often to you and wish you would listen more. Your diet. Yes, you can lose weight. This is easy once you let go and forgive. All those that have wronged you. You may do this in one “ceremony”. There is someone you know who can help you. A shop owner you have met. Once the baggage and heaviness is lifted from your soul, the weight will fall off. Eat lots of vegetables. Fruit in moderation. Soy is not good for you. Limit this. Make/eat potatoes, to hardy your meals and digest easily for you. Pasta is good (whole wheat). Zucchini. Replace soy milk with almond milk. Soy has a chemical you are sensitive/allergic to and is making you sick. You have an illness. A recent one. This is an illness of the mind (stress). An illusion. Follow the advice given/above and this will go away. Your body does not like medications. You are taking too many. Clogging yourself. Limit and eliminate, and use natural herb remedies instead. You were a great herbalist, and this will come naturally to you. It will brighten you soul too. Step away from electronics, and spend time in nature. This is where your mind rests and soul sings. You are a woman of the earth. A Goddess. Claim this/it. We love you so much. Call on us. The fairies are waiting for you too, and will come in your dreams. Look for messages soon. We love you.
That is all.

After the reading I sensed a brother figure who was present/lingering. But did not come forth as he is not one of your guides. But, he wants you to know he loves you. And is sorry. And to forgive yourself as this was his choice/time. And there was nothing you could have done. Anyone could have done. He is in a better place and is laughing now. He had a great sense of humor and you guys laughed often. Wow, he has a grin/teeth! He wants you to laugh again, this will make him happy. He loves you sis. Peace out.

(Jane, this is the first time I’ve had a non-guide member come to me after the reading ended. But he really wanted me to share this with you. It is outside of my realm to communicate with spirits unless they are one’s guides. As I close the readings for all energies and only open to my angels, your angels and guides, and God. But he was very persistent and came with so much love. I wanted to offer this to both of you. I am teary eyed right now, but feel the love and sigh of relief from both of you. He thanked me. And is with many angels.)

On 6/11/14 I did this for my dad:


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