Saturday, June 21, 2014


Archetype: I am the Woman of Crystals
The Priestess' independent state of mental reflection.  Keep your own counsel.  Keep your cool.  Keep your distance.
Mental: I am Aspiration
The Emperor's spirit, reach out for help from the great spirit to overcome obstacles to your aspirations.
Emotional: I am the Seer
Live in the light of the spirit, with spiritual discipline/practice.
Owl, see into the dark places others cannot see.
Horus Falcon, see into the past, present, future.
 Spiritual/Solar Plexus: I am the Priestess
The perfect echo or mirror. Be true to yourself and you will be in harmony with the universe.  Be self-sufficient.  Owl, see in the night, know the dark, shadowy, hidden regions.
Physical/Sacral: I am Strength
Snake like kundalini energy.  Give yourself self consent.  Be yourself and accept yourself.
Feminine: I am Regeneration
The wellspring of your Moon waters.  Wear bright colors and have fun.
Masculine: I am the Moon
Aphrodite, recognize your femaleness and maleness.  You mirror others.



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