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Transits 2/15/07

Saturn was conjunct your Uranus - Saturn is control and Uranus is chaos
read this:

Pluto was opposed your Mercury - Pluto is loss and Mercury is communication

Chiron was on your t-square:
opposed Mars
square Neptune
conjunct Jupiter 
in 4th house, Aquarius

Chiron-Mars: fear, pain and wounding around expressing our wild, ruthless, animal-like warrior and sexual energy. By transit, opportunity to get stronger, develop sexual confidence, and ferocity, bring more mars into our life– through sports, learning to ‘growl’.
Chiron opposite Mars is the full potential of the sacred warrior archetype, but since this consciousness is so little understood in culture, there is very little room for expression. Natives with this aspect will have great compassion for the oppressed and be moved to fight injustices. Natives who have been unable to overcome fear and cultivate courage because of the cultural dynamic they've lived in will be honest, trustworthy, and very strong. As more years pass since the sighting of Chiron, more natives will find the power of the sacred warrior growing within. Chart 2 of the young New Age healer shows a younger person who has been able to activate the warrior energy by doing her work, and also participating in firewalks. This young woman is courageous and secure; she is a sign of the future.

Chiron-Jupiter: suffering over not being successful, being the ‘King’, pain around moral and religious authorities, antagonism toward privilege. By transit, chance to shift our attitudes around and form our own definition of ‘the good life’, a spiritually meaningful life, being successful.

Chiron-Neptune: high capacity to empathically feel others’ suffering, feelings of overwhelm, unable to cope with reality, attachment to a ‘lost world’, isolated bliss-states, misplaced sacrifice. By transit, opportunity for compassionate self and others’ acceptance, reconciliation of dualism- the world as spiritual path, to shift attitudes around self-isolation, suffering.

Chiron square Neptune is exceedingly stressful and is a great challenge to any astrologer. In general, the more these natives can activate Chiron and Neptune in their lives and careers, the better off they are. No matter what they do, life will always be very Chirotic and mystical, and this influence means they can never be just ordinary, so why even try? If they can activate the potential of this aspect, their gifts to the race are great. If they cannot find a way to use this energy, they will be confused, prone to substance abuse, and eventually they will suffer nervous disorders. The body cannot handle the force of this energy unless it is channeled by means of higher consciousness serving.
Chart 42 has Neptune in Virgo at the midheaven opposite Saturn in Pisces at the IC forming a T-square to Chiron in Gemini in the seventh. This native began his healing when he left the Jesuits and married at his Saturn return, and he will probably resolve the pressure of the T-square in 1986 with his Chiron return. Chart 47, a student of healing, has Chiron in the third at the head of a Yod from Pluto sextile Jupiter, and Neptune in the eleventh in Libra squaring Chiron. This woman cannot utilize the power of the healing Yod until she resolves the square from Neptune which also squares Uranus. She is going ahead with healing training, which will help her resolve the squares during her thirties. She has much work to do because Uranus in Cancer conjunct the South Node in the eighth squaring Neptune indicates she must bum through a lot of karma connected with magic, sex, and death, in order to activate and ground the North Node in Capricorn in the second. Chart 14, an artist nun, is a great example of resolution of Chiron square Neptune. She funnels the energy of Neptune into her being with the first house placement, and then she creates alchemical art by means of Chiron in the tenth. She never rests, but she is more relaxed when she is creating. Chart 21, a physician, has Chiron/Mars in the sixth opposite Uranus/Jupiter in the twelfth, T-square Neptune in the fourth. He is working on relating esoteric healing technology to modem medicine. He is very successful and quite balanced with a strong development of his North Node in Capricorn in the sixth house of healing. This chart suggests a very evolved lifetime; the native is young and bears watching. Those with Chiron square Neptune should be very wary of substance abuse and too much fantasy in their lives.



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